5 Burning Heart game tile5 Burning Heart game tile

5 Burning Heart


Almighty Ramses II game tileAlmighty Ramses II game tile

Almighty Ramses II


Thumbelina's Dream game tileThumbelina's Dream game tile

Thumbelina's Dream


Dragon Reborn game tileDragon Reborn game tile

Dragon Reborn


10 Burning Heart game tile10 Burning Heart game tile

10 Burning Heart


Aztec Glory game tileAztec Glory game tile

Aztec Glory


20 Burning Hot game tile20 Burning Hot game tile

20 Burning Hot


Wonderheart game tileWonderheart game tile



4 of a Kind Bonus Poker game tile4 of a Kind Bonus Poker game tile

4 of a Kind Bonus Poker


40 Super Hot game tile40 Super Hot game tile

40 Super Hot


Jacks or Better game tileJacks or Better game tile

Jacks or Better


Joker Poker game tileJoker Poker game tile

Joker Poker


Keno Universe game tileKeno Universe game tile

Keno Universe


100 Cats game tile100 Cats game tile

100 Cats


Burning Hot game tileBurning Hot game tile

Burning Hot


Wonder Tree game tileWonder Tree game tile

Wonder Tree


Coral Island game tileCoral Island game tile

Coral Island


Dice High game tileDice High game tile

Dice High


Forest Tale game tileForest Tale game tile

Forest Tale


Great Adventure game tileGreat Adventure game tile

Great Adventure


40 Burning Hot game tile40 Burning Hot game tile

40 Burning Hot


Sweet Cheese game tileSweet Cheese game tile

Sweet Cheese


More Like a Diamond game tileMore Like a Diamond game tile

More Like a Diamond


Action Money game tileAction Money game tile

Action Money


20 Super Hot game tile20 Super Hot game tile

20 Super Hot


5 Dazzling Hot game tile5 Dazzling Hot game tile

5 Dazzling Hot


Amazons' Battle game tileAmazons' Battle game tile

Amazons' Battle


Blue Heart game tileBlue Heart game tile

Blue Heart


Circus Brilliant game tileCircus Brilliant game tile

Circus Brilliant


Dragon Reels game tileDragon Reels game tile

Dragon Reels


Egypt Sky game tileEgypt Sky game tile

Egypt Sky


Forest Band game tileForest Band game tile

Forest Band


Fortune Spells game tileFortune Spells game tile

Fortune Spells


Dark Queen game tileDark Queen game tile

Dark Queen


Fruits Kingdom game tileFruits Kingdom game tile

Fruits Kingdom


Extra Stars game tileExtra Stars game tile

Extra Stars


Frog Story game tileFrog Story game tile

Frog Story


Genius of Leonardo game tileGenius of Leonardo game tile

Genius of Leonardo


Jungle Adventure game tileJungle Adventure game tile

Jungle Adventure


Age of Troy game tileAge of Troy game tile

Age of Troy


Amazing Amazonia game tileAmazing Amazonia game tile

Amazing Amazonia


Cats Royal game tileCats Royal game tile

Cats Royal


Flaming Hot game tileFlaming Hot game tile

Flaming Hot


Inca Gold II game tileInca Gold II game tile

Inca Gold II


Kashmir Gold game tileKashmir Gold game tile

Kashmir Gold


Lucky Buzz game tileLucky Buzz game tile

Lucky Buzz


Majestic Forest game tileMajestic Forest game tile

Majestic Forest


Mayan Spirit game tileMayan Spirit game tile

Mayan Spirit


Play jackpot slots at Mason Slots

The constant hot topic of hushed whispers, jackpot slots are always there in the shadows of other games. Often overlooked by new players, they are adored by sharps who know that when you toss in a jackpot, the thrill goes through the roof. And it is here, at Mason Slots, where the best slot games with jackpots can be found.

Discover some great titles and have a chance to win eye-watering amounts. Enjoy the best jackpot slots on your mobile device. The secret lodge is here for you with many jackpots waiting to be triggered.

Types of jackpot slots at Mason Slots

Just like Freemasonry, we provide a solid foundation for players who want to play jackpot slots. Every casino game in this category gives you a chance to grab a huge amount of real money. With Mason Slots and Lady Luck at your side, winning a massive jackpot becomes possible.

Slots with jackpots come in a wide range of flavors. Down below, we will discuss two main types that you can play on this website.

Progressive jackpot

In a sense, progressive jackpot slots bring players together. The pot accumulates until it's won and the cash is claimed. So, as long as no one claims the pot, the money will continue to roll over, reaching insane amounts.

When a jackpot is progressive, it means a certain percentage of every bet is added to the pot. When one lucky player claims the jackpot, it's reset and the process starts all over again. Progressive jackpots come in all shapes and sizes, including mega moolah and standalone prizes. All of them are available at Mason Slots.

Fixed jackpot

Fixed jackpots don't increase in value; you always know how much you will get if you hit a jackpot and this amount never changes. These jackpots are often the highest possible prizes you can get from slots, which is why it's pretty hard to hit them. For example, some slots ask you to match many of the rarest symbols to get the max cash prize.

Unlike progressive jackpots, fixed ones don't take a chunk of your bet. Payouts for these games are usually up to 10,000x your wager and this is why so many gamblers choose to play them.

Tips on how to win a jackpot

It's easy to play online games, including mobile slots, but it's hard to win at them. And no, no matter what others say, no occult rituals or other obscure techniques can guarantee a win. However, we have several tips for you that can really get you closer to understanding how to grab your jackpot. Here they are:
1. No bogus tricks. Some people think it's possible to control jackpots by observing the spinning of reels. Others study unsuccessful rounds to identify the right time to bet more. However, even Freemason tricks won't help you manipulate slot machines on our website. So, first and foremost, get rid of the illusion that you can control the game.
2. Understand how jackpot slots work. They use RNGs (Random Number Generators) to generate the results of every spin. This makes jackpots truly random and impossible to control. What you may not know is that some games offer better odds than others, meaning they give you more opportunities to win.
3. Understand payout percentages. Evers slot has an RTP (return-to-player) percentage also known as house edge. It simply shows the amount of advantage an online casino has over a player. This percentage is calculated over thousands of spins. If a game has an RTP of 97%, that means for every 100 EUR spent in the game, you will get 97 EUR back. Of course, this is just an estimation, so you can get more or less money back per session. Anyway, it's always a good idea to search for slot machines in the mid or high nineties to have a good chance of winning a jackpot prize.

The best slots with jackpots at Mason Slots

Now you know that jackpot slots are special and their prize pots can go well into thousands of euros. The possibility of hitting a massive win adds an extra element to the overall excitement. But what about those who are overwhelmed by the choice available at Mason Slots? We have you covered! Here is a list of the best-rated slots with jackpots:
1. Burning Hot. If you're into retro symbols, such as fruits and chili peppers, then Burning Hot is one of the best choices for you. You can win five-figure prizes and spin your fruity favorites: melons, oranges, lemons, and grapes. Those who hunt really big prizes should try and get Lucky 7's, Lucky Stars, and 4-Leafed Shamrocks.
2. 40 Super Hot. Some of you might remember 20 Super Hot, which is a beloved classic. Well, 40 Super Hot takes fun to a new level. The slot has lots of juicy prizes awarded after landing cherries, lemons, melons, and other classic symbols on the reels.
3. Flaming Hot. If you're looking for something fresh but crave old mechanics, then Flaming Hot is the best choice. There are big prizes up for grabs for landing 7's, and you can also start bonus rounds with free spins and a Double-Your-Win feature.
4. 100 Super Hot. This is a simple game with basic graphics and a simple layout. Players who prefer no added bonus features especially love this game. However, amazing bonuses hide behind this simplicity and these bonuses can result in juicy jackpots.
5. Ancient Script. Enjoy blue skies and palm trees while spinning the reels full of pyramids and hieroglyphs. Lucrative expanding tiles, wild symbols, and scatter icons give you a chance to win a nice jackpot.

What are jackpot slots?

These slot machines have a jackpot attached to them. Some jackpots are small, others reach 7-digit numbers. We at Mason Slots have a huge selection of these games, so check them out and take a spin.

How does a jackpot work?

Jackpots are a part of the game, so they can be won randomly after every spin. Some smaller jackpots drop more often, while progressive mega jackpots are much harder to get.

Is it realistic to win a jackpot?

It absolutely is when you play at a licensed and regulated casino such as Mason Slots. Many jackpots are up for grabs on the website and people regularly win them. Massive jackpots don't have the best odds of winning, but some lucky players grab them as well.

How does a progressive jackpot work?

This is a jackpot that increases every time a player places a bet on the slot machine. A percentage of every bet of every player goes towards the jackpot until it's won. Once the prize pot is won, the value is reset to the predetermined amount.

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